Estimate your Loan payment:

Your Estimated
Monthly Payment:

  • Principal & Interest (P&I) $592
  • Taxes & HOA $150
  • Mortgage Insurance $44
  • PMI $59

Loan Totals:

  • Purchase Price $150,000
  • Down Payment $7,500
  • Total Loan Amount $142,500

Estimated Taxes & Insurance: Property taxes are generally estimated to be 1.2% of the home's value, but may vary based on your location. Annual homeowners insurance is roughly 0.35% of the home's value but can change based on insurer. Your loan specialist can help you determine property tax and insurance rates in your area.

PMI The PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) is a mortgage lenders' protection in the event of a default. PMI is paid monthly as part of your mortgage payment to the lender. Once a borrower has paid the equivalent of the 20% down payment, PMI can be removed from the monthly mortgage payment.

Estimated Monthly Payment:
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